Monday, April 24, 2017

Binge Watcher Review: Bill Nye Saves the World

 Binge Watcher Review: Bill Nye Saves the World

Hosted by Bill Nye

Synopsis: Scientist Bill Nye explores various problems and misconceptions from a scientific point of view.


If your childhood was like mine, you grew up watching “Bill Nye The Science Guy” on PBS and in school. You know that science show we all actually enjoyed watching with the real science experiments, yeah that show. Well now scientist Bill Nye is back and as he states he isn’t making a kid show, it’s for grown up kids all around the world. It’s like Bill Nye grew up with the generation that watched him over 20 years ago on TV.  Don’t worry some of the cheesy jokes are still in there, including one STD joke thrown in at Arizona State's (the university I attended) expense, which made me laugh out loud… literally.

This Netflix series is comprised of 13 thirty-minute episodes that discuss some of the most important and controversial topics today.  The format of each episode is very similar to “The Science Guy” episodes we watched as kids. There is a science experiment, a little dialogue, a person goes out to discuss with people in the real world and a group discussion with all sorts of experts. The only issue I had is the fact that each of these episodes focuses on important major topics in society today. I honest do not think thirty minutes is not enough time to have a legitimate discussion about each topic. While it is good that each episode at least starts the discussion, it will really be up to the audience members to do their on research after words if they would like to become better educated on the topics.

I honestly believe the best episode is Do Some Shots, Save the World, an episode based on vaccines and how they work. This episode takes the time to prove valid arguments against antivaxxers by having segments that include real-world examples, a demonstration of how viruses can spread and a sit down with a parent (who had originally chose not to vaccine her kids), and two doctors, one in sociology and the other a Pediatrician. The episode takes the time to break down the issue and also some of the issues with what is leading to parents choosing not do vaccinate. I honestly believe that everyone should take the time to watch this episode.

Because of the topics used in this show for each episode, I’m sure there is going to be a lot of controversy around the show it self. Yes, some people are going to be offended and honestly some people will probably have a right to be upset. The Noah’s arc “joke” was just bad taste, you don’t have to be religious, by all means demonstrate the science. A low blow at religion honestly just wasn’t needed. Based on how easily offended people want to get over things, I wouldn’t be surprised if people get upset about the GMO episode and the Designer Babies episode. Although, I honestly do believe that a lot of people need to be educated on IVF before they pass judgment on the practice.

Overall, the show is a fun adult reminder of the science show we watched as kids. I am very hopeful for a second season with new topics and possibilities to maybe expand on some topics discussed in this season. Honestly I just think the show is a great way to spark people’s interest on common topics and encourage them to do more research on them.   

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