Sunday, May 14, 2017

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 - DC Comics

JLA Rebirth
Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils by Ivan Reis
Inks by Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Batman is putting together a new team.  A team of heroes that are less God-like and more human.  A group the people of the world can identify with.  The question is, can this group find a way to get along with each other?  Beware: the rest is spoilers.

This book starts out with Batman recruiting Killer Frost.  The two look over the base of operations that Batman has chosen, a secret cave in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.  From here, Batman and Killer Frost head to Seattle to recruit Black Canary who was a bit surprised the once villainous Killer Frost had come to her city.  The next to be recruited is the alien biker Lobo.  Lobo agrees and the group look to have Ray Palmer, The Atom, join in the fun.  Ray Palmer is missing but his student aid, Ryan Choi, is there and he has been using Palmer technology to search for The Atom.  Batman was against it but Lobo liked the kid.  Now it's the Ryan's turn to recruit so now The Ray is in the group.  Batman rounded out the group by convincing Vixen to join.

This book reminded me of the beginning of Justice League International during the New 52 run.  Batman puts together a group to look good for the masses.  He chooses a leader most of the group wouldn't expect(Killer Frost for JLA and Booster Gold for JLI).  Justice League International was a fun series and I foresee the same with this comic book team.  Having Lobo and Black Canary on a team with Killer Frost should make for plenty of interesting panels.

Ivan Reis is one of my favorite comic book artists today.  It is awesome seeing his work on so many heroes.  The attention he gives to the facial expressions and the poses each character is in is phenomenal.  The colors by Marcelo Maiolo looked amazing as well.  So many of the panels within the book were cover-worthy.

What are your thoughts on the Justice League of America?  What comic book series' are you reading?  Let us know by reaching out to us through social media.

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