Sunday, May 21, 2017

Comic Book Review: Superman: Annual #1 - DC Comics (2017)

"Tangled Up In Green"

Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Hamilton County(300 miles north of Metropolis) is where the Kent's have decided to lay down roots when they were pulled from their universe and placed into the current DC universe.  Clark Kent/Superman is trying to figure out why the land in Hamilton County is so dry.  Maybe Swamp Thing can help explain.

I know the old saying; "Don't judge a book by it's cover."  This comic book has Superman and Swamp Thing on the cover so I threw caution to the wind and decided this is a "must have."  This book was even better than I had hoped.  Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are writing some of the best stories in comic books with their current run on Superman. This "Annual" fits with the story but can be read on its own as well.  The way Superman and Swamp Thing communicated with each other was great.  Swamp Thing helping Superman figure out why the land was drying up was awesome.  Superman didn't want to do things Swamp Thing's way but he can be quite convincing.  

Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez were amazing choices to do the art in this comic book.  This was a very visual story so the art needed to be on point.  The two main characters are very different.  The vibrant Superman and the murky looking Swamp Thing.  Seeing the two of these characters with and against each other was a wonderful sight.  The visuals toward the end of the comic book when Swamp Thing helps Superman see the reason behind the drying of the land were absolutely stunning.  The art alone makes this comic book worth purchasing.  Luckily it has a good story as well.

I am all for another Superman and Swamp Thing team-up in the future.  This was the first meeting of this version of Superman with the current incarnation of Alec Holland/Swamp Thing and I hope for many more.

What are your thoughts on Superman: Annual #1?  Are you reading the Superman series or any other DC series?  What would you like Maskerpiece Theatre to review in the future?  

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