Saturday, July 1, 2017

Comic Book Review: The Brave and the Bold #1: Batman and Green Lantern - DC Comics (2007)

"The Lords of Luck Roulette"
Chapter One

Written by Mark Waid and George Perez
Pencils by George Perez
Inks by Bob Wiacek
Colors by Tom Smith

Batman and Green Lantern have a mystery to solve.  Multiple bodies have been found throughout the world and also in space.  The odd part is, it's the exact same body in all of these locations.

I like "The Brave and the Bold" concept of teaming up two DC superheroes.  The first issue in the 2007 iteration has two fan-favorites; Batman and Green Lantern.  I like how these two heroes work together despite a stark clash in style.  The world's greatest detective teaming up with the man with a ring that create just about anything he can think of.

Mark Waid and George Perez have the beginning of a very mysterious story and it goes from outer space, to Gotham, to Las Vegas and before the story ends Green Lantern is headed back to space to head to another planet.  We are also introduced by inter-planetary villains along with another villain we are a bit more familiar with in Roulette.  I received this comic book in the TeeBlox subscription service and you can check out past reviews of that service at HelloSubscription. I may need to head to my local comic shop to see if I can find the rest of this series in the bargain bin.  My library may have the collected graphic novel as well.

George Perez is one of my all time favorite artists and, as soon as I saw his work on the cover, I immediately opened the book to start reading.  Perez has drawn just about everyone in the worlds of DC and Marvel Comics and I was excited by what I saw inside.  Everything from the heroes to the backgrounds look wonderful.  It was an absolute pleasure to not just read, but look at the incredible artwork in "The Brave and the Bold" #1.

What are your thoughts on "The Brave and the Bold" concept?  What other comic books would you like Maskerpiece Theatre to review?  Please let us know in the comment section below or through social media.

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