Thursday, August 27, 2015

The End of the Tour: Review

A film by director James Ponsoldt, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg, The End of the Tour, scored a 92% "Fresh" from Rotten Tomato's and for good reason. This is a story that dives deep into the manner in which an individual can choose to live their life. Jason Segel plays novelist "David Foster Wallace" who is so deeply invested in the human experience he eventually loses himself in his pursuit of a life worth living. The audience meets a character so true to how's artists, writers and creative types feel and think it's almost uncomfortable for those who are (or who know) people in this mindset and lifestyle to watch.

The onscreen chemistry between Jason Segel & Jessie Eisenberg alone is worth the price of a movie ticket. Jesse Eisenberg plays Rolling Stone and fictional novel writer "David Lipsky" who has a fair level of admiration and respect for Jason Segels character. The philosophical and analytical views on the life experience stem from these two characters back and forth discussions throughout the film. Neither character being 100% open but at the same time they are 100% open with what they agree to discuss. The audience is treated to topics often difficult to engage in with an opportunity to continue the discussion after the film.

By the end of the film every viewer might discover something about themselves."The End of the Tour" isn't just a tale of writer “David Foster Wallace” but an opportunity for everyone to take an introspective look at themselves, their relationships & their choices in life. This film dares to look at life through a different lens to explore the human experience as not just something that we endure but as something we can lose if we aren't cognoscent of how things impact our perception of reality. A deep and often humorous perspective from a depressed writer and a Rolling Stone Interviewer with a poignant question about suicide that simply asks: How bad must a situation be that a person is willing to end their life to escape the situation?

Two thumbs up.
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