Saturday, September 26, 2015

Box Office Review: The Intern

Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), 70-year-old widower, has decided that he needs to fill his days with new challenges and activities. He finds an opportunity to intern at an online fashion website run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) and in the process makes friends with the staff and her family. The success of her company might prove to be too much for Jules as she's faced with life and career decisions that could ultimately change everything. Fortunately, Jules and Ben develop a relationship that helps guide and encourage her as she navigates and juggles the career/life balance one might expect from an entrepreneur/CEO/Wife/Mother.

This movie was pure delight. I doubt we'll see it win any rewards but not every film has to win an award to be enjoyable. There was some touching heartfelt moments, some very humorous moments and dialogue that gave the audience an opportunity to understand the gravitas of situations presented for each key character.

This film has some social commentary on the modern man and the evolution of roles within family and work that takes an honest look at life, past and present. There's a conversation that takes place regarding a handkerchief and the value of carrying one, as a gentlemen, that was a fantastic. It's a timeless approach that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing on the big screen. We are even treated to some dialogue exploring dating and relationships  in modern time that is quite humorous.

If you do decide to see this film as part of a date be prepared to walk out of the theater looking at men (or yourself) in a different manner. The dialogue explores the human experience of relationships and what it means to be a man as part of the story. It's all quite honest in it's delivery to be fair. As the image states experience never gets old and "The Intern" gives us an enjoyable look at how experience and wisdom matched with passion and determination can be unstoppable.

Nice work, again, by writer and director Nancy Meyers. Worth the cost of admission, I give it a high five and a smile.

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