Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Comic Book Review: Black Canary - Issue 1 - DC Comics

“Black Canary”  Issue #1
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Annie Wu

Gotham City band “Black Canary” has been on the road touring, but their lead singer “D.D.” appears to be more martial arts expert than singer. We see band manager “Heathcliff” discussing payment for a gig with a venue manager who’s location was just trashed from a fight that broke out while the band was playing. D.D. it turns out was responsible for most of the damage. As the band arrives at the next gig there seems to be a group following them, curious about D.D. and the band. As the band begins to play D.D. notices that some of the people in the crowd aren’t all they appear to be. After the gig, the band decides they need to learn basic combat training and D.D. agrees to train them in the morning. They pack up to leave but, unbeknownst to them, they aren’t alone anymore. 

This is a fun time. It’s rock and roll meets martial arts. This to me is a winning combo. The dialogue does well enough to keep you reading and the art is unique and visually enjoyable. The art makes this issue stand out from what I’ve been reading in other comics. At certain points it was fun just to make up songs in my head the band would be playing while the fights break out. After all the show must go on, right? I can hear the band managers voice when dealing with the band and venue managers after the fact and that always made me chuckle. It’s all around a positive experience reading this issue. I’m looking forward to reading the additional issues as I believe it’s now at #4.

No thumbs up instead I give the rock and roll devil horns, both hands.

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