Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Comic Book Review: Deadpool VS Thanos - Issue 1 - Marvel

“Deadpool VS Thanos”  Issue #1
Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Elmo Bondoc and Ruth Redmond

On a private island, Saint Cynthia Island, we meet Deadpool and his pursuit of killing Dr. Doom. It’s in this setting we realize that “Death” is trapped and nobody is able to die… nobody. We meet Black Talon who explains matters to Deadpool and then after some discussion it’s revealed that Thanos will need Deadpools help and after some intense abuse, it’s decided that it’s in the best interest of Thanos and Deadpool that they work together. 

This is a bizarre and humorous good time. Imagine being in a place where nobody can die and you have incredible regenerative abilities… and then imagine you’re working with someone who understands what I just typed. Exactly. It’s a chaotic blood bath that experiments with attempting to free “Death” wherever she may be. I enjoyed this issue probably more than I should but it’s great fun, inappropriate, and violent.

2 Thumbs up by folks who have already died at the hands of Thanos.

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