Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comic Book Review: John Flood - Issue 1 - BOOM! Studios - 2015

Title: John Flood Issue Number: 1
Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Jorge Coelho

A man who had been a government experiment, John Flood now never sleeps and now sees the world in patterns and hallucinations.  This six issue mini-series follows John Flood as he seeks the employment of a former police officer, Alexander Berry, and attempt to solve the mystery of a murder spree that doesn’t seem to have a pattern.  What John Flood probably doesn’t realize, is the murderer is looking for him at the same time.

This is a very enjoyable book from BOOM! Studios.  It’s a very fun read and it makes you want to read the next issue(which I did so I may have included part of that in the synopsis above).  The colors from Tamra Bonvillain compliment Jorge Coelho’s artwork magnificently and it all fits with the theme of the series.  The pace of the story is great so get out there and purchase this book!

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