Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comic Book Review: Batman - Issue 44 - DC Comics (2015)

Title: Batman Issue Number: 44
Writer: Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello Artist: Jock

This is a flashback tale to continue the story of Mr. Bloom.  That said, a person could read Batman #44 and enjoy it as a book on its own.  Batman is investigating the odd death of a 16 year old boy who appears to have died from being dropped from an extreme height in the middle of nowhere.  Batman investigates by going down his list of rogues to figure out who would be the most likely suspect.  The Penguin makes an appearance in this fantastic tale that runs very similar parallels to our current real world.  Racial tensions between bad policeman and young black youths; the wealthy feeling that they are helping run down neighborhoods by building what is, at the time of conception, affordable apartments; and the all-around view of financially constrained neighborhoods overrun by gang activity.  

Batman #44 is a wonderful read with the continued writing of Scott Snyder coupled with a guest co-writing of Brian Azzarello.  Jock is the guest artist in this issue and his incredible and gritty artwork goes so well with this flashback story.  The use of hard hitting action, Batman’s inventive interrogations and close-ups of facial expressions make for an absolutley magnificent looking book.  The addition of newspaper clippings between panels brings the parallels of the harsh city of Gotham and the actual world we live in to the forefront.  Despite the $4.99 price tag, this book is worth picking up, even if you do not follow the current series.

Okay, so there was one glaring negative in this book.  There is a panel where a character is talking to Batman and the use of “should of” instead of “should’ve” is in the word balloon.  It should’ve been a contraction.  Even if you were implying the character has a less than stellar use of grammar, the words “should’ve” and “should of” are said the same way and should’ve been typed correctly.

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