Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 3“Restoration”

Arrow Season 4 Episode 3

The growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel talks Thea into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa refuses to do it.

Episode 3 starts the same way as every episode this season with action. We are treated to the Original Team Arrow working together again while Laurel and Thea take the body of Sarah to Nanda Parbat. In many ways this episode was to get everything back on track between Oliver and Diggle. In my opinion this was very necessary as each week that passed made the fans of the show begin and distance themselves from Diggle. This episode also dug deeper into the story of Diggle’s brothers death and the connection with H.I.V.E, we also are treated to the second minor crossover with The Flash as a Meta-Human (Double Down) from central city shows up and joins forces with Damien Darhk. I am loving the tie in with season 2, the writers for Arrow have done a great job with connecting all the season while tying up all loose story lines. And tell me who isn’t excited that Oliver is finally back on the island, it seems to have made the flash back more interesting again.

While Diggle and Oliver worked to fix there relationship (It only took Oliver taking three playing cards to the chest) Felicity is working with Curtis Holt, we see that he has the same creative mind that we saw last season with Ray Palmer. Is this the slow burn before we are introduce to Mr. Terrific? I believe it is and its definitely exciting to see the potential of another DC hero being introduce. Also during this episode Curtis learns that Felicity is working with the Green Arrow and is taking to the “Arrow Lair” while trying to escape Double Down. This will be intriguing to see how this will play out through out the remainder of the season. During the episode we also see that Felicity is having issue with her Phone which concludes with her name showing up on the screen……This can only be leading to the return of The Atom AKA Ray Palmer, what happened after the explosion? My guess is Palmer shrunk.

Finally we have the Resurrection of Sarah Lance, Thea and Laurel go to Nanda Parbat to ask Malcom to help with resurrecting Sarah with the powers of the Lazarus Pit. We also are treated to the return of Nyssa who disagrees with the plan and after they bring Sarah back decides to destroy the Lazarus Pit. This may be the most interesting storyline in the early part of the season, Obviously we know that Sarah will be the reason for Oliver’s need to reach out for help from John Constatine (My most anticipated episode of the season). How does Oliver know Constantine? Only time will tell and i am all for this flash back. We also know this will be the start of Sarah’s journey to becoming the White Canary and joining the Legends of Tomorrow team. But the most intriguing part of this maybe what role Malcom plays through the season and his potential tie to Damien Darhk.

Once again Arrow is hitting on all cylinders and I give this episode TWO THUMBS UP. Make sure to Leave comments below and let us know what your opinions are of the season thus far and your predictions

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