Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Comic Book Review: Deathstroke (The New 52!) - Issue 2 - DC Comi

“Deathstroke”  Issue #2
Written By: Tony Daniel
Art By: Sanou Florea and Tomeu Morey

The Ukraine, within Deathstroke’s Fortress, we see a younger looking Deathstroke trying to locate the man, I-Ching, who is responsible for his sudden youthful physical appearance. As he runs downstairs he sees Odysseus and attacks him only to discover it’s a projected hologram, courtesy of a new mysterious figure known only as Red Fury. A discussion ensues where Red Fury informs the new youthful looking Deathstroke of current situations and then an army of men attack the fortress only to meet Deathstroke, able and ready to annihilate them in combat. Shortly after we see that Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger are somehow involved and Deathstroke has left his European fortress and begun searching for answers when he makes a startling discovery. 

The second installment in this new series and I’m hooked. I’m enjoying the art so much and the dialogue feels appropriate for a mercenary tale. The characters are starting to come together in a way that ties the story together while adding new twists and turns that kept me interested and excited to keep reading. The way to battles are drawn and colored are doing well to visually tell how brutal this story is and will continue to be. As each character expresses more and more detail into this bizarre adventure I found myself skipping ahead to read more, faster, and then having to come back and enjoy the visual aspects of the story on occasion. 

2 Thumbs up and not because I’m afraid any other rating would anger an already angry Deathstroke. 

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