Sunday, October 11, 2015

Comic Book Review: Paper Girls - #1 - Image Comics - 2015

Paper Girls #1
Writer: Brian K. Vaughn 
Artist: Cliff Chiang

Four girls in the mid 1980s are delivering newspapers on what appears to be Halloween night. Two of the girls have a run-in with a group of three “people” dressed in some strange garb speaking a language they don’t understand.  These individuals steal the walkie-talkie, I mean CB radio, and now the four young ladies are on the hunt.
In looking for these individuals, the girls find something strange in the basement of an abandoned house.  This is where the story takes a very odd turn…

As often found with new Brian K. Vaughn books, they do not seem to end the way you might think and it leaves you wanting to read the next issue.  This holds true with Paper Girls #1 as the end leaves you scratching your head as to where this book is heading.  I don’t want to give away too much information as I highly recommend purchasing this book.  With a $2.99 cover price, why not? 

Cliff Chiang’s art is exactly right for this story.   The look of this book flows so well with the dialogue and story direction. The interactions between the girls are just enough to give you an idea of their individual personalities and allows for a nice foundation for future issues.  

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