Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Comic Book Review: Telos- Issue 1 - DC

“Telos”  Issue #1
Written By: Jeff King
Art By: Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Sean Parsons and Hi-Fi

Issue 1 starts off informing the readers who Telos is, who created him, how he understands vengeance and why. Also, we learn that Brainiac has gifted him with “boundless” power and now Telos fears nothing and no one. He is on a mission of vengeance and also to understand how strong he is and what lengths he is capable of going with these new powers. 
While engaging Brainiac on his ship in combat it’s revealed that the reason for the rage Telos feels might not be entirely warranted. Brainiac holds one last bargaining chip that prevents Telos from ravaging his ship and killing him in the process.
Cut to the Colu and the capital city Metaire where we meet “Computo” who is charge of this town. A message is received from Brainiac that causes Computo and his servant to retire from the punishments they are giving to the unlawful citizens. 
Telos must venture down to the planet in order to complete his personal quest and assist Brainiac in the process as their different goals have the same plan. However, not everything is as it seems for Telos despite the promises of Brainiac appearing truthful on the surface. 

Telos #1 was quite enjoyable. When I picked this first issue up I had no clue who this character was or why DC felt like he’s worthy of a solo series. It was honestly the cover art that grabbed my interest and then once I started reading the story kept me engaged.
This character seems like he’s gonna be a very good read going forward since he’s matching his brawn against Brainiac’s intelligence and craftiness. It’s not often a character comes along that intimidates Brainiac and since Telos is that character I’ll be reading for awhile. The issue was titled on the inside as “My Enemy’s Enemy” and that also intrigues me considering where this story can go.
Since the majority of this story takes place inside Brainiac’s space ship the art work really stepped up to create a world that is technologically advanced and dangerous. The moments of action are drawn and colored wonderfully and even the lettering captures the mood during combat. 

Since Telos can control matter, I give this comic 2 thumbs up. It’s a fun read that looks great and reads well. 

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