Sunday, October 25, 2015

Original Comic Book: Twisted Magic

"If the moral compass created by your past didn't exist, who would you become? If you had no one to tell you who you were, who would you think you are?"

The questions above are from writer Kalani Nazarro, the author of Twisted Magic.  These questions are the basis for the mysterious main character of this horror-fantasy comic.  

We were going for a new look with this comic book and we are hoping you enjoy it.  As the artist, I had a bit of difficulty finding the look that matched Kalani's vision.  The first page itself went through multiple looks.  He told me one day he wanted to get away from comic book panels and that's when the light bulb came on.  I drew the first page and sent it to him and at that point we were off and running.  

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Twisted Magic
Written by Kalani Nazarro
Art by Dalyn Viker

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