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Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 6 "Lost Souls"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 6
“Lost Souls”

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is frantic when she learns that Ray (guest star Brandon Routh) is alive and being held by Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough). Felicity’s guilt over not finding Ray sooner causes tension between her and Oliver (Stephen Amell). Meanwhile, Sara (guest star Caity Lotz) joins Laurel (Katie Cassidy), Thea (Willa Holland) and the team on a rescue mission for Ray. However, the effects of the Lazarus Pit take over and threaten to jeopardize the entire operation. Donna Smoak (guest star Charlotte Ross) returns to Star City.

Welcome Back Ray Palmer. Episode 6 starts with a little flash back to season 3 when Ray’s Tech causes an explosion at Palmer Technologies. During the explosion ray shrinks and is then captured by Damien Darhk. We are finally introduced to The ATOMS Shrinking ability and we find that Darhk wants the ATOMS suite for some plan which obviously  involves the entire city. We also learn Ray has been sending messages to Felicity , which causes Felicity to question everything about her relationship with Oliver. Hopefully this will be the last time this season we will have to deal with the overly emotional Felicity. I am not a fan, I haven’t been a fan since the second episode of season 3. I think we all would really appreciate the return of the nerdy tech girl from season 1. Though the best part of the overly emotional Felicity was when her mom visits and the scolding she gives Oliver over the comms. Hey I am ok with the new code name Chatty Cathy.

We also get the return of the Canary in this episode, and while Sarah is helping the team rescue Ray we see she is dealing with some of the same issue that Thea has with coming back to life through the Lazarus Pit. Sarah had difficulty with dealing with those affects which caused her taking the life of a one of Darhk’s Ghost Army. Due to this she decides she needs some time to find herself and learn how to deal with this in her own way. So she is on her way to Central City.....Look out Flash. Hopefully when she returns, its as the White Canary. I couldn’t imagine a better way for this new character to be introduced to the DC Universe.

Final Thoughts, this was a nice episode to bring back Ray Palmer. I could have done with out the Felicity breakdown, but the team did a great job of moving through the emotions of Rays return. As of right now this doesn’t seem like it will be a multiple episode thing. If anything good came of this it would be the hilarious interaction between Felicity and Oliver about Felicity’s mom. And now we know Oliver makes a killer Chicken Cordon Bleu. We learned going forward there is a possibility that Felicity might be a target of Darhk when he learned of her relationship with Ray. This keeps brining me back to that Grave scene at the end of the first episode. Are they foreshadowing or is it just a curve ball being thrown? By the way, did anyone else enjoy the return of Diggle as Olivers confidant? it really was a return to those first few seasons. They even brought back some of the music from those first few seasons, I loved it. The very end of the episode we see that Felicitys mom meet Captain Lance……Hmmm wonder what will happen there? and we also learned Darhk was able to get enough of Palmers Tech to move forward with his plan. 

This was definitely a nice episode, we get Ray Palmer back and it tied up some loose ends. There was a lot of Character development (if you can call it that after 4 season). And finally we have an episode where a person doesn’t learn of someones Secret Identity. we didn’t get Berlanti-ed again. I give this One Thumbs Up.

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