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Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 7 "Brotherhood"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 7

Team Green Arrow’s ongoing battle with Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is complicated by a shocking revelation. Thea’s (Willa Holland) bloodlust returns and she loses control in front of Alex (guest star Parker Young)

Arrow continues with the fast pace beginnings, the episode starts with Team Arrow fighting HIVE’s army of Ghost. As soon as we get back to the Arrow Cave 3.0, Diggle decides to fill Oliver in on the information that he received from Captain Lance on his brother Andy. When the team goes after Darhk again Diggle learns his brother is still alive and working with HIVE. Diggle is having issues with Andy being alive, battling with thoughts of betrayal. This causes Oliver to want to rescue Andy, giving him the benefit go the doubt that he is being mind controlled the same way the rest of the Army of Ghost are as we learned from the Docks. 

Not only did we get more of Ray Palmer in this Episode, but we also got the ATOM helping the team out at the end of the episode. It seems Ray is struggle with the impact that he has left on Star City. By the end of Episode 7, Ray decides he needs to go search for his meaning in this world. As he said coming back to do the hero stuff will still happen…….Cough** Cough** Legends of Tomorrow.

What can make this episode better? The return of Malcom Merlin. Love the character, I am more than happy that he has been a reoccurring character. Malcolm is back due to the effects of Thea Killing members of the league will be wearing off. Marlin decides that the best course of action is to feed the blood lust with criminals who have gotten away with horrific crimes……Does anyone else feel a Dexter vibe at all?

Final Thoughts, there seemed to be a lot going on in this episode. Damien Darhk finally introduced himself to Oliver, as he wanted to “request” that Oliver drop his plans to redevelop the bay. When Oliver asked what he would do if he said No Darhk informed Oliver he would no longer run Unopposed for Mayor. It’s nice to see that Oliver has grown a lot from last season and is listening to his friends as he has decided to “Fight Darhk in the light of Day”. Which means we might see more of a battle for Mayor between the two.
We also learned that Thea has some ability to defend herself from the affects of Darhk, when Darhk touched her it also seemed to fend off her blood lust. I am guessing this has something to do with the Lazarus Pit. She also asks that Malcom helps to create a way to make this permeant. I am waiting to see how Malcom ultimately learns how to use this power to his advantage, got to love villains. 

I personally enjoying that Oliver has become the voice of reason this season. Its been long time coming, but its a nice switch from when Diggle was always that voice for Oliver. I am intrigued to find out what affect Andy will have on Diggle going forward. Is he really Diggle’s actual brother? If he is, Is he truly part of HIVE, I am wondering if there is some type of twist in the works where Andy is actually undercover with the organization. This was definitely 4 years in the making, I love that the creative team has kept strong with stories they started in the early seasons.

Did anyone else absolutely love the fight sequence at the docks? It was done using one straight shot multiple times, reminding me of season ones episode when Oliver rescues his Step dad. This was a great episode and it seems like the creative team is hitting on all cylinders this season. Its early but this might be the best season yet. I give this episode Two Thumbs Up.

Let us know what your opinion of Episode 7 “Brotherhood” was. Leave your comment below.

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  1. Its no secret I've been critical of Arrow of late. I think the flashback tech is oiverdone and more than run its course. Five years goes by a LOT faster than one might imagine and they're forcing too much into that frame. The "new character/costume" almost every week was becoming reminiscent of '66 Batman guest stars. I was dreading a Jim Carey cameo villain. The Oliver/dumbblonde matchup was NEVER believable. Someone with Olivers character would never be involved with someone like Felicity (God LUV Emily tho and that 2handed @ss!) . I was in night terrors over the possibility of a Lance/dumbBlondeMomMilf sex scene after last weeks "cliffhanger". If that happened - I'd been gone and you wouldn't have to put up with me any longer.
    Saying all that - man, did they shut my mouth this episode. Totally different reclaimed show.
    The fight sequence? EPIC is the only applicable justified word. Thea's portion was glorious; the entire sequence was big screen worthy.
    I'm...received. And hoping this continues.
    Oh yeah before I forget one last thing - the political advisor? The guy with " the nose ", beady close set eyes and crto magnum brow? Thea's supposed to be " attracted" to this? Give me a break. And..everyone doesn't have to be jumping into bed with the "new guy" on the block like a $2 whore. Give Thea (and the others) their dignity. Or run that crap at 2:00 in the afternoon with the rest oif the soap opera garbage.
    (Oh yeah - black "Jimmy Olsen" must die, or at the very least - return to Metropolis; before he DESTROYS THAT show.)
    Namaste Dudes and Dudettes.
    Emerald call me Cgnscnti Ivory