Monday, November 9, 2015

Box Office Review: The Peanuts Movie

Good grief, Charlie Brown is back and the gangs all here in this wonderfully entertaining animated film. This movie has something for everyone because of its familiar characters or new faces, depending on your age. There was nothing lost in the story due in part to how much attention was paid to who the characters are, truly. If you have children this is a great opportunity to spend some time laughing together while Snoopy helps tell the story of becoming a winner and celebrating who you are. This delightful look at the lives of all the Peanuts characters will have longevity and hopefully that doesn't mean we'll have to wait decades for another film. If it does we at least have this movie to enjoy in the meanwhile.

The film centers around the story of Charlie Brown and his infatuation with the new girl in town, the little red haired girl. Charlie Brown expresses believable joy at the fact a new kid has arrived in town and this gives him a chance to start fresh and not be known as the perpetual failure and blockhead. After some stumbling about Charlie Brown decides to visit the town "shrink" and Lucy, for a nickel, gives Charlie Brown a book on how to be a winner. From here the movie really takes shape and we see the always lovable Snoopy take over story telling and blending different types of animation the movie delights.

The theater was filled with the laughter of children which says the target audience enjoyed the film. Occasionally a child would cheer or shout something appropriate because kids are honest and when they have a reaction it's an honest reaction. This film brought out the best in the kids as viewers. Normally, when people talk during a movie it irks folks, myself included, however the children's reactions added to the enjoyment. It was an animated success and this film won't be out of theaters anytime soon, I'm sure. The joke about "Leo's Toystore" by "Warren Piece" was written so accurately to how kids speak to each other and hear things I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with the other adults enjoying this fine movie.

"The Peanuts Movie" is in theaters now! I give this film a kite that even Charlie Brown can fly and some cupcakes. It's worth the cost of a theater ticket for matinee or evening it's that entertaining. If you have children I recommend you schedule a family movie night. Go enjoy laughing along with your kids as Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the rest of the children all come to play in this delightfully charming animated movie.

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