Friday, November 27, 2015

Comic Book Review: Batman #45 - DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

Jim Gordon is asked to step down as Batman, Bruce Wayne is still doing what he can to make Gotham a better place for children and Mr. Bloom makes his presence felt.  

We still have Bruce Wayne with amnesia so Batman is just not quite the same.  I keep feeling like we are headed back to getting the brooding Bruce we all love not alas, it's still Jim Gordon.  This isn't the worst story line ever, but I'm just not loving it.  It's feeling like it's going a bit long I keep flipping the pages hoping that Gotham's Knight returns.

Mr. Bloom is a pretty cool villain which makes everything better.  He definitely commands the attention of the audience when he makes an entrance with his lanky body and those long fingers he uses to pierce through bodies.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of him and finding out what he has in store for Gotham.

I keep reading this series even though I'm not overly loving it.  I guess I'll see where it goes as I don't see myself not purchasing this book every month.

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