Sunday, November 15, 2015

Comic Book Review - Batman: Annual #4 - DC Comics

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Roge Antonio

Bruce Wayne, still dealing with his memory loss, visits Wayne Manor as Arkham Asylum is dealing with moving inmates(or is it patients?).  Little does anyone know; The Riddler, Clayface and Mr. Freeze have other plans for Bruce Wayne.

The Riddler, Clayface and Mr. Freeze are beyond upset about Bruce Wayne's bout with amnesia.  Feeling upset that Bruce gets to forget all of the things he has done to them, they decide to try to jog his memory in the most elaborate Riddler-esque way they can concieve.

This was such a great use of Edward Nygma and Clayface.  The two of them were integral in what happened with their escapes and their movement in Wayne Manor.  Mr. Freeze was a good third villain as he blames Batman for his wife's current state.

I know I usually am against the $4.99 price tag but this one is an "Annual" and the story is unto itself, meaning there's a start, middle and end.  This is one of the better stories that really doesn't have the Caped Crusader truly in it.  Bruce Wayne having to figure out how to beat three supervillains with no knowledge that he was ever Batman was very cleverly done.  This book is worth the trip to the comic book shop.

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