Saturday, November 7, 2015

Comic Book Review - Constantine The Hellblazer #5 - DC Comics

Written by: Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV
Art by: Riley Rossmo & Scott Kowalchuk

John Constantine must face his first love who is now a tentacled monster that has been killing the ghosts of John's past.  He implores the help of his friend Georgie in hopes of stopping Veronica from killing anyone else.

This is the conclusion of this story-arc and it is very John Constantine.  He goes through all the research to find out what can be done to stop Veronica.  Even when he does find the only way, he still finds his own way at the end(much to the dismay of Georgie).

Issues 1-5 made for an excellent jumping off point for this comic book series.  I'm hoping it continues because this feels much more like a Constantine comic book than some of the recent iterations.  Plus the art has been incredible and totally fits the stories being told.  $2.99 for each book isn't a bad price point so go check the back issue bins and get caught up on this series.

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