Friday, November 13, 2015

Comic Book Review: Deadpool VS Thanos #2 - Marvel

"Deadpool VS Thanos”  Issue #2
Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Elmo Bondoc, Ruth Redmond

The issue begins with Thanos composing a message to Death regarding her absence and how the universe is in disorder without her and his view on lives everlasting. Enter Deadpool singing before Thanos silences him and Deadpool quips about their current situation in outer space searching for Death. As the pursuit across a planet continues, the fact that death awaits no one is emphasized while Deadpool’s sarcasm is ever present. Thanos and Deadpool run into a familiar band of space travelers and then, at close, new danger makes an appearance threatening Deadpool. 
My first impression was to feel impressed at the depth of perspective by the Thanos monologue regarding life and how necessary and valuable death truly is. This intensity is cut short once Deadpool arrives in his usual mouthy fashion. This constant back and forth between the two characters is one reason I enjoy this series so much right now.

As they travel through space and across planets searching for Death it’s remarkable how well this oil and water of personalities play together. Thanos the mad titan who wants nothing more than to show worthiness to his love Death and Deadpool constantly reminding Thanos he had relations with Death too so they’re basically eskimo brothers.

    It’s no secret Deadpool doesn’t die but to read his frustrations with how nobody else he fights will die is very entertaining. His reactions are priceless and his comical frustration meets general frustrated acceptance Thanos displays is a nice balance.
The series is $3.99 an issue which is pretty affordable considering Marvel has hiked up pricing for the new runs they released recently. If this story can keep this pricing I think most people will come around to enjoying it. It’s not overly challenging to read and it’s a fun reprieve from the day to day. 

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