Saturday, November 14, 2015

Comic Book Review: "Deadpool VS Thanos" #3 - Marvel

“Deadpool VS Thanos”  Issue #3
Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Elmo Bondoc, Ruth Redmond

The issue begins with Deadpool being tortured by the same trouble we met in the finale of the last issue. Thanos, indeed, saves Deadpool and this is the first time we read about how and why Thanos could ever respect Deadpool. It’s determined that in order to find death the trail leads away from outer space and back to earth, for a moment. 
The doorway into Hell is not easily located, not even for Thanos. Deadpool calls in a favor from a surprising character and the three travel into Hell to meet Mephisto. Before Thanos and Mephisto can agree on anything a surprise intruder appears to attack Deadpool and then Mephisto. Again this issue Thanos saves the day and Deadpool reveals to the group that he knows where Death is and Mephisto is powerful enough to send Thanos and Deadpool there...

This issue was enjoyable for some of the same reasons as before; however, this issue deals with facing consequences and dealing with those who you have wronged. This is all, of course, done with a Deadpool flair so while it’s poignant it’s still humorous. 
The art work for Hell is spectacular. It’s challenging to see such character from a setting using primarily reds and oranges but in this issue it’s quite good. The contest of colors used for Thanos really helps him stick out as an individual in this setting and it all works.

Again, the issue is only $3.99 and worth it. This run keeps getting more and more enjoyable as they build on what is possible when death is nonexistent. What happens when life is perpetual, even in the after life. It’s humorous and contemplative. It questions the value of life and the importance of death… and Deadpool might suck face with a skeleton in the process.

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