Thursday, November 12, 2015

Comic Book Review - Green Lantern: Lights Out - DC Comics (2013)

Written by: Robert Venditti, Justin Jordan, Van Jensen & Charles Soule

Art by: Sean Chen, Brad Walker, Rags Morales, Billy Tan, Bernard Chang, Alessandro Vitti, Jon Sibal, Walden Wong, Drew Hennessy, Cam Smith, Rob Hunter, Marc Deering and Ryan Winn

This review is a little different from the other comic book reviews as this is actually a collection of books that i read in trade paperback form.  Green Lantern: Lights Out is a story arc that took place in the following issues:

 - Green Lantern #23.1: Relic
 - Green Lantern: New Guardians #23-24
 - Green Lantern # 24
 - Green Lantern Corps #24
 - Red Lanterns #24
 - Green Lantern Annual #2

This story is about Relic who by all accounts is the antagonist here, but overall does not feel what he is doing is wrong.  He comes from a previous universe that was destroyed by the previous beings that controlled the light.  The light, meaning what is controlled by the Lanterns.  Relic knows that the Lantern Light is not everlasting.  He attempts to tell those in his previous universe but it's destroyed with only Relic lasting.  Fast forward to now, and Relic sees Lanterns using the light, which he knows is depleting.  Instead of using verbal reasoning and proving with science the light doesn't last forever, he decides to use force.

Relic makes a great antagonist for this story because you can't use brute force to beat him.  No matter what you throw at him, the Lantern Light doesn't effect him.  In fact, he can redirect it back at the Lantern that uses it.  The Lantern Corps must figure out a way to combat Relic as he is destroying the main batteries of each Light Color.

All of the iterations of the Green Lanterns from Earth are in this story and the universe needs them.  Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Raynor and even Guy Gardner along with every Lantern left will need to put their heads together to make this work.

I feel like I have given enough spoilers for this story line so I'd recommend picking up this TPB.  It's available for $16.99 and great for Green Lantern fans everywhere.

If the rumors I hear are true and DC is making a Green Lantern Corps type of movie, this story line would look amazing on the silver screen.

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