Thursday, November 5, 2015

Comic Book Review: Ian Flemmings "James Bond, 007: Vargr"- Issue 1 - Dynamite

“James Bond 007: Vargr”  Issue #1
Written By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Masters and Guy Majors

Issue 1 starts off with a strange man running through snow, trying to escape from someone. While it’s unclear who these two men are that are actively engaging one another it’s clear that they are not friends. After some enjoyable fighting and dismemberment we meet Bond, James Bond.
It’s revealed that 007 has, curiously, been struggling to complete missions in a timely order. The last mission he completed so quickly “M” wonders if revenge jobs are what motivate James to be more efficient. We are also introduced to Money Penny and “Q” at this point. 
Finally we’re shown a man who appears to be experiencing medical procedures in an effort to find a cure for what ails him. It’s revealed that he is, in some manner, an assassin and James Bond is his next target...
This comic read just like the James Bond movies perform. The voicing of characters is spectacular. As I’m reading the dialogue I can hear the voices of each character familiar to us from the movies. The dialogue is enjoyable and hearing those memorable voices in my head as I read made this comic such fun.
The challenges that face James Bond in this comic are dangerous, humorous and slightly ridiculous. All in all, the challenges make sense and the reactions from 007 are spot on. Even the witty/flirty banter between James and Money Penny draws you into this world we have come to enjoy so much over the decades. 
While humming the James Bond theme song and smiling like a noob, I can’t help but give this issue a Martini, shaken not stirred. If you are as much a fan of James Bond as I am or merely a 007 enthusiast you’ll enjoy this issue. Plus what better time to read a new James Bond comic than right before the new Bond movie is released in theater! #JamesBondapalooza 

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