Monday, November 23, 2015

Comic Book Review: The Shadow - Issue 2 - Dynamite

"The Shadow"  Issue #2
Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Giovanni Timpano and Marco Lesko

The issue begins with the Shadow in a graveyard speaking to the grave of Houdini who has been dead for 10 years. We cut to a shipping yard where the Society of United Magicians is seeking the aid of “Sandman” who brings with him boxes full of mysterious and powerful creatures. From we cut to the Shadow interrogating a man who tells us the back story on Houdini’s last great spell and it’s origins., why the Magicians want it and what it’s potential power is. 

“The Shadow” continues to entertain in this second issue. We find out how desperate the Society of United Magicians is and to what lengths they’ll consider to achieve their goal. The Shadow continues to build on his knowledge using his detective skills and interrogation methods that only he has at his disposal. The final pages reveal that there’s more danger in store for our hero and I can’t wait to read how the Shadow handles this threat. 

This issue was $3.99 but could’ve been $2 and still been just as enjoyable. I don’t feel the $4 price tag was unreasonable but this series could be less expensive and would probably reach more readers. “The Shadow” is a fun read and it’s sometimes campy delivery works well. I’m excited for read more in this series and want to see how far the magicians will go to achieve the knowledge that they seek. 

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