Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Comic Book Review: The Shadow - Issue 3 - Dynamite

“The Shadow"  Issue #3
Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Giovanni Timpano and Marco Lesko

The issue begins with the Shadow battling wild and mysterious beasts who have been released from their cages. After defeating the animals the Shadow finds Sandman in a room full of mutilated human bodies, seemingly dead, and the dialogue between characters tells us there’s more to Sandman than just being a hired hand to kill the Shadow. Furthermore, it’s revealed that there’s another secret society of magicians and in order to find out more about this war that is building the Shadow must travel to London. There he meets one of Houdini’s competing magicians and friend but their time together is cut short when Shadow discovers that she has been poisoned. 

This issue starts off with action and ends with murder. What a ride this issue was! The art work done for the room full of mutilated bodies was enjoyable. It’s not every day I read a comic that has bodies lying dead on the floor from being strangled but somehow the strangling hand was cut off. Also, what type of murderer pops out someones eyes and then lays them next to the head of the now presumably dead body? This issue pulled out all the stops for murder and mayhem. 

The dialogue between Shadow and Sandman was entertaining as well. We learn that Sandman is more methodical than originally thought and he’s not just a hit man, but more a calculated assassin of sorts. The writing also informs us that Shadow realizes his powers are being tested and that he needs to increase his abilities to become more powerful in order to stop the secret societies of magicians that are waging war on each other. 

This series will be staying at $3.99 it appears but I’ve accepted that and I still feel it’s worth it. I also still feel that even a dollar less would attract more readers who might not know anything about The Shadow. It’s worth the read if you’re into the 1940’s era detective crime and murder saga’s. It’s worth the read if you’re into magic also. Stop on by your local comic book shop and pick a copy up today. Oh, and tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you. 

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