Monday, November 2, 2015

Comic Book Review: Star Wars #9 - Marvel Comic

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Stuart Immonen

Luke Skywalker is looking for clues about the Jedi and has a run in with some of the biggest gangsters in the universe.  Han Solo and Princess Leia are in a fight for their lives with the unlikely companionship of Han's "wife."  Someone needs to save Luke but who will step up and do so?

For those of you out there that loved the original Star Wars movies, this comic book series takes place between episode IV and V (A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back).  The verbal exchange between characters, especially Han Solo's scenes, feel like you can actually hear their voices.  This holds true in issue #9.  This book is suspenseful and fun which is how a Star Wars comic should be.

The mystery behind Han Solo's wife is still there as nothing can be explained while Imperials are hot on the tail of Leia and Han.  There is a great panel where Leia and Han's wife have a good back and forth and when Han attempts to interject, the ladies each answer him at the same time with a "No!"  This was incredibly well done as I can totally see that play out on the big screen.

Luke is in serious trouble in this issue and may require some assistance.  The reveal at the end will make you ready for issue #10.


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