Monday, November 30, 2015

Comic Book Review: This Damned Band #4 - Dark Horse Comics (2015)

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Tony Parker
Colors by Lovern Kindzierski

The band is part of a hostage situation inside the French mansion.  Everyone seems to have different agendas as we continue the tale of "This Damned Band."

Artistically, this is one of the most fun series in comic books today.  Tony Parker is able to blend different art styles into each of the books of "This Damned Band" and visually, it all works.  The detailing of the backgrounds are absolutely fascinating.  Paul Cornell's storytelling, which goes from what is actually happening to what is happening in a mind altered way is depicted amazingly well by Parker and Lovern Kindzierski.  Kindzierski's colors are truly remarkable.  

Cornell is giving just enough of a glimpse into what is going on with the band members and other characters within this story to keep you wanting more.  This is a six issue series so I highly recommend picking up the previous issues as well.  "This Damned Band" includes storytelling at its finest along with artwork that fits better than most in comics today.  Issue four continues the tale and would not make much sense if you don't read the first three.  Make sure you ask your local comic shop to get those issues for you.

Also, take a look at all of the covers.  They are reminiscent of rock band posters and album covers from the 1970s.

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