Monday, November 30, 2015

Jessica Jones Review: Season 1 Episode 8 "AKA WWDJ"

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 8

Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth’s conflict with her 
estrange wife reaches a tipping point.

Episode 8 brings the creepy vibe and might have made Kilgrave the most interesting 
Villain that we have seen in both Movies and Television for Marvel. Kilgrave desperate to
prove his love for Jessica brings her to her childhood home. While being there Jessica starts to 
relive some of the more painful memories from her own childhood.

Part of the promise Kilgrave made to Jessica was to allow her to make all decisions on her 
own. No mind control will  be used to keep her there or to control her actions. We also are 
treated to a glimpse of Kilgrave’s own past when he shows her video of his parents treating 
him as a lab experiment. Jessica convinces Kilgrave he could use his powers for good, and take him out for a test run 
during a hostage situation, when he finally helps someone he feels good but says he needs Jessica 
to keep him going on the right path. Jessica agrees but ends up capturing during dinner.

Final Thoughts:
This really has been an interesting show thus far. The way they have written Kilgrave and the performance of David Tennant has been Awesome. Kilgrave came across more as a obsessed creep, wanting the approval and love of Jessica, he will stop at nothing until this happens. The Childhood home was a nice treat for all the Fans of Jessica Jones, we get a great chance to learn more about her and the life she used to live while she was still with her parents.

I give this episode Two Thumbs Up, This is turning into a great show and I am now starting to look forward to how they tie Jessica into some of the other Marvel Netflix Universe.

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