Thursday, December 10, 2015

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 9 "Dark Waters"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 9
“Dark Waters”

Oliver makes a bold move against HIVE when the city is attacked. Meanwhile, Malcolm checks in on Thea and leaves her with a warning; and things take a horrible turn when Damien Darhk retaliates in a brutal Manner at Oliver’s mayoral Holiday party

Episode 8 starts with Oliver and crew cleaning the bay with the supporters of his Mayoral campaign. While there Damien Darhk sends a drone to attack. The team decides the best way to retaliate is to out Damien as the leader of the Army of Ghost to the public. This leads to Darhk taking actions at Oliver’s Mayoral Holiday party.

While discussing why Oliver didn’t ask her to marry her months ago Felicity, John, and Thea are taking hostage by Darhk. This sends Oliver into a hunting spree, attacking the army across Star City trying to locate where Damien is keeping them. In come’s Malcolm to the rescue, They plan to turn Oliver in to Darhk to learn their location, While captured Malcolm dressed as the Green Arrow attacks to save the day. They leave Darhk in the warehouse with an explosive Arrow. 

While the team believes that Damien Darhk is still alive after the explosion, since no body had turned up. They decide to go ahead with the planned Tree Lighting ceremony at the bay, where Oliver finally proposes to Felicity. While leaving the party their limo is attacked by a group of ghost, the episode ends with Oliver hold the bloody body of Felicity.

Final Thoughts:
First lets just say great Mid Season Finale, the type which makes you wish this show was a Netflix property and that you didn’t have to wait a month and half to see where it was going to lead. I Absolutely love every time we get Malcolm on screen, this is he evil is he good act every episode is building on the mystic of the character. As I have said before, Malcolm has become the ultimate opportunist.

Well they finally did it, they gave us the glimpse of who might be in the grave. So they shot up Felicity and left her for dead, allowing everyone to wonder if she is truly the one in the grave. 

I am torn with my thoughts, we never do see the headstone leaving it up for speculation still. This could go either way, in many ways the fun and happy felicity hasn’t been seen since season 2, many fans have grown tired of her due to season 3. However; this season has been much better and getting back to the fun quirky girl that everyone loved. So it could make sense to kill her off, finally getting to the Black Canary/Green Arrow relationship from the comics. This really doesn’t make sense since Laurel has never really warmed to the fans of the show. If I was a betting man, I would guess this will ultimately be another twist which we have seen done multiple times in the past. Felicity isn’t dead however an act for Damien Darhk. Remember Barry was at the grave as well and didn't show any signs of being upset. 

Loved seeing Malcolm as the Green Arrow, Interested in seeing where the Damien Darhk Family story will lead, and major props to finding a creepy rendition to Little Drummer Boy for that last scene. All in all I give the episode Two Thumbs Up. Let us know your thoughts on the episode, leave your comments below.


  1. Did they really just kill off Felicity? I mean she was annoying last season, but seriously she was as been great this season.