Friday, December 18, 2015

Comic Book Review: Deathstroke - Issue 4 - DC New 52

Deathstroke - #4 - DC
Written By: Tony Daniel
Art By: Sandu Florea & Tomeu Morey

Deathstroke is at the cabin talking with Red while he learns more about who this mysterious individual is, why Red has mental control over Bronze Tiger & who Red works for. From there we cut to Odysseus and Lady Shiva discussing plans to find his grandson and we learn the League of Assassins is working with Odysseus and Bronze Tiger. Finally, we find Deathstroke’s Son and daughter Rose in Gotham City trying to survive while Deathstroke hunts them down with the help of Harley Quinn who is actually setting a trap for Deathstroke.

This issue was definitely designed to move the overall plot forward with some big reveals and story development. While the dialogue continues to capture the individual personalities of the characters I felt more action could’ve been fun. The action towards the end has me looking forward to the next issue.

The big reveals made this issue worth reading. They certainly added new depth to the story and the important nature that Deathstroke will serve overall. Yes, this is his series but this issue helped build on the complexity of his business as an assassin. Finding him back in Gotham working with Harley Quinn was a fun final segment. Plus, the big reveal of how Harley set him up was pretty creative for a psychopath like Quinn. The final two pages made this issue very exciting. 

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