Saturday, December 19, 2015

Comic Book Review: Deathstroke - Issue 5 - DC New 52

Deathstroke - #5 - DC
Written By: Tony Daniel
Art By: Sandu Florea & Tomeu Morey

Deathstroke is immediately in combat with Batman while Harley shouts instigating words at them both. Eventually Harley decides that she needs to leave and kill Deathstroke and Batman because there is a bounty on Deathstrokes head. Unsuccessful in her attempts Deathstroke ends up catching up with her and they leave Batman behind them. Rose and Jericho are being confronted by Possum when all of a sudden Jericho is paralyzed and Possums head is severed from his body by a protective grandfather. 

What the last issue lacked in action this one made up for. Almost entirely an action sequence we get to enjoy pages of hand to hand combat between Deathstroke and Batman. This was one page after another of melee goodness and captured beautifully but Florea and Morey. The entire time we get to enjoy the inner thought process of Deathstroke while he rationalizes and reasons the amount of time it’s taking to combat Batman and how he figures he’ll defeat him. 

Possum was an exciting addition to this issue as well. It was curious how quickly his death came but I'm wondering how the mysterious energy Rose felt radiating from him will play into things. I can't believe they mentioned it for no reason. Sure, it could be misdirection but I doubt it. Overall, this issue didn’t require a lot of brain work and was visually captivating. I enjoyed it. 

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