Thursday, December 3, 2015

Comic Book Review: Up The Trail - Airborne Productions, Inc

Written by James A. Bretney
Art by Jack Tzekov and Andrea Montano

A comic book adaptation of "Log of a Cowboy," the original story from Andy Adams' bestseller from 1903.

"Up The Trail" is the story of a young man named Tommy finding his way in the Old West, circa 1882.  This is a nice introductory issue that starts with Tommy grown up but also has some backstory into his childhood.

The online book is listed as 1a & 1b as there was a change in artist.  Despite the different looks, the story still flows nicely.  The colors work well to tell this Western tale and the facial expressions tell the story of the panels well, even if no words are printed.

The sentence structure feels off at the beginning of the book and it was a bit distracting.  This may be due to me being used to modern day speak, so I'm not knocking it.  The story, however, continued to flow well and made for an enjoyable book.

It's very cool to see independent writers and artists put their work out for the world to see.  "Up The Trail" can be found on and I recommend checking it out.  This is a wonderful introductory issue leaving you in anticipation for the next one.  I hope to see issue two soon.  There is also a place to donate on the site so be sure and check that out as well.

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