Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Comic Book Review: We Stand On Guard #4 - Image Comics

Written by Brian K. Vaughn
Art by Steve Skroce

The future war between the United States and Canada continues.  It seems the Canadians are pinned down and the U.S. is able to stop these rebels.  The Canadians have something up their collective sleeves however.

This is such a great series.  Taking place 100+ years in the future, "We Stand On Guard" has a very interesting take on what the world could be like, especially with what we are seeing in the real world news today.  Canada being a place that, in this comic, was a place that would take in Syrian and other refugees that the United States would not.  There is great character development, especially with the main character as we see flashbacks of her past that builds on her tough as nails character she has become.

I will say, I can't help but read "We Stand On Guard" without a Canadian accent in my head.  Whether you think of Strange Brew or listen to the "Your Canadian Girlfriend" podcast available from Abnormal Entertainment, you can't help but smile amid the violence taking place in the Great White North.  

I love that Image Comics generally doesn't overcharge for their comic books.  "We Stand On Guard" is only $2.99 per issue so you ought to motor down to your local comic shop and grab those first four issues.

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