Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Deathstroke - Issue 3 - Comic Book Review - DC

Deathstroke - #3 - DC
Written By: Tony Daniel
Art By: Sandu Florea & Tomeu Morey

Deathstroke is fighting to save his son from a bizarre imprisonment. Once he and his son escape they soon find Odysseus, who has been resurrected by utilizing the power of Slade’s son. As it goes, things don’t work out the way Slade thinks they will and after a big reveal the story leaps forward. Slade is at his cabin and he’s surprised by two familiar faces who don’t seem to be as accommodating as he’s used to before the issue ends with a cameo from a curious individual.

This issues starts a little slower than I was hoping but it picks up quickly and wastes no time. The death count in this issue is high as Deathstroke and his son fight their way to freedom and Odysseus. There’s a reveal on his son’s powers and abilities in this issue that is quite impressive. The art work depicting how he’s able to kill people was enjoyable. Plus the artwork for Slade’s kills was equally enjoyable. 

The big reveals this issue revolve around Deathstrokes son, his abilities and this mysterious Odysseus character. Plus the cameo at the end of the issue was a fun surprise. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little when I turned to the very last page and saw the next individual that will be part of this series. 

I’m enjoying this series and I’m glad there are some surprises to keep things engaging and also some familiar characters to keep things grounded. Just a fun, murderous and violent good time. Deathstroke is coming across as your everyday man who also happens to be the greatest assassin in the DC New 52 universe. 

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