Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctor Strange: Issue 3 - All New, All Different - Marvel

Doctor Strange - Issue 3 - Marvel
Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend

Doctor Strange is running naked through the park fighting off Een’gawori Slugs that feed on magic and are devouring all of the good doctors magical energies. Eventually figuring out practical means of defeating them Wong and Doctor Strange travel to Fandazar Foo to replenish magical energies and discuss the bizarre mystical occurrences happening as creatures from other dimensions keep finding their way to earth’s reality. What Strange and Wong discover is something terrifying and eventually we learn that the Imperator has located earths sorcerer supreme and is now on the the hunt for him.

I am thoroughly enjoying this Robert Downey Jr type of Doctor Strange. The comedic timing and phrasing that is present throughout this series has been a highlight to read. At times I find myself laughing out loud from the banter between the Sorcerer Supreme and most anyone he comes in contact with. Such a great new version of this character.

The art work continues to be a favorite in all issues. The story is so bizarre in the characters and manner of fighting that I can’t imagine any other artists doing so well with so unique a world as the one Doctor Strange inhabits. The panels could be isolated and framed they’re that enjoyable. 

This story continues to build on the fact that the Sorcerer Supremes of all realms are being hunted. We see a little more in this issue regarding the means in which this mysterious group doing the hunting retrieves information. It’s quite shocking and I can’t wait to read next months issue! 

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