Saturday, December 5, 2015

Drawn Out: It's Not Easy Being Green Lantern

Before you check out Green Lantern, take a look at the new logo!  The next "Drawn Out" blog will be about what went into making it.  There are other versions of it and I'd appreciate feedback on what you like best.

I was warming up to get ready to draw a comic I wrote but I decided to do more than just the digital pencils.  Green Lantern is a fun character and with his inter-galactic travels, the colors can be fun.

Admittedly, I am not very familiar with doing colors but I've been having fun with them.  Everything shown here are really just sketches and experimenting.  I've been working with blending and adding glow and having a ton of fun with it.  Hopefully one day when I have a project that actually calls for some of these effects, I can be ready for them.

All of these sketches were pencilled, inked and colored digitally using a Wacom tablet and using Manga Studio 5 as the software.

The first art "Drawn Out" post included a black and white sketch of a guy with a Mohawk enjoying himself as he listens to punk rock band Rancid.  I have since added some color to it.  I think I like the black and white better.

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