Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Entertainment Review: The Fartist - Brian Posehn (2013)

I was going through Netflix, looking for something light to watch and happened upon "The Fartist."  Brian Posehn takes you on a journey to the next chapter in his life.  Being in his forties, being a new father and letting go of some vices.

These are part of getting older and many of us have a tough time dealing with some of the, shall we say, issues that arise.  Posehn puts it all out there and lets it be known what he is going through.  His delivery is incredible and makes for comedy that definitely made me laugh out loud.

As you can probably tell by the title of the stand-up special, there are some fart stories which always have me laughing.  Brian brings up a story about meeting a particular favorite actor of mine and the "Wall of Hate" that he walked into.  I'll refrain from giving much more away as I don't want to ruin the jokes.

There are also jokes about being a comic nerd and he does follow up on his contempt for the newer Star Wars films.  Those of you who are familiar with Posehn's earlier works know how he feels(I feel the same way).  He also makes a reference to Weird Al Yankovic which will always earn extra points for someone.

In all, this is a remarkable stand-up special.  Brian Posehn is a funny guy who continues to do incredibly well on stage.  "The Fartist" is a great Netflix find for someone who wants to chuckle for about an hour.  

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