Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Inhumans - Issue 2 - All New All Different Marvel - Comic Book Review

Inhumans - #2 - Marvel
Written By: James Asmus & Charles Soule
Art By: Stefano Caselli & Andres Mossa

The princess leading the Inhumans is having a discussion with SHIELD Agent Daisy (aka Quake) and discussing the possible ramifications of their involvement in meeting with a dictatorship who supplied weapons to Hydra. The Inhumans travel to Sin-Cong and meet with the leader while searching the city for NuHumans. Unable to locate any Inhumans they retire back to their ship and are awoken by a mysterious nightmare they all experience while a small band of their fellow Inhumans searches the outskirts of the city for anyone affected by the Terrigen Cloud.

The story continues with an emphasis on diplomacy and political maneuvering as the princess of the Inhumans meets with a dictator to search for anyone affected/altered by the Terrigen cloud in his country. What they find within the city is not surprising as the citizens seem to say, exactly, what the Commissar said. The findings on the outskirts though was pretty revealing and not what was expected. I was glad they wrote a twist in that furthered the story.  Also, it gave depth and character to the country and the city. 

The story continues to delight and the art work is enjoyable without being distracting. There was a brief squabble during the dinner scene that was fun to see and quite revealing. We begin to learn how far this ruler of Sin-Cong is willing to go to make weapons and build an army. An overall good time and the intensity of the story continues to grow and develop into something rich and socially aware. I’m very pleased and looking forward to the next issue. 

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