Wednesday, December 9, 2015

MODOK Assassin - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review - Marvel

MODOK Assassin - #2 - Marvel
Written By: Christopher Yost
Art By: Pinna, Pallot, Tadeo & Rosenberg

The Thor’s are deep in battle in "Monarchy of M" when Lady Thor takes off to investigate Killville. Upon waking up from a sudden attack, MODOK is trying to reason with Lady Thor who is convinced he’s the reason she fell from the sky. From there we jump to a morgue where the “Triad of the Assassins Guild” is investigating the death of Bullseye and discussing the consequences MODOK must face for his actions. And then a cut to Griffith Park, the Dark Domain of Baron Mordo, where Clea and Mordo are discussing the news that MODOK is battling a Thor.

This issue felt more story driven as we learn about the characters who reside in Killville and the roles they play in the day to day happenings. There’s still plenty of action between MODOK and Lady Thor but it’s somewhat restrained as MODOK is attempting to reason with Lady Thor instead of annihilating her. 

I enjoyed seeing Clea and Mordo more than any other character in this issue. There were plenty of characters mentioned in this issue as the Assassins Guild is looking over their roster but seeing the floating fortress of Mordo was fun. Also, knowing two pivotal characters from Doctor Strange is always a bonus for me. I’m enjoying this series more than I thought and I’m looking forward to the next issue and I’m hoping for way more action. 

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