Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MODOK Assassin - Issue 4 - Comic Book Review - Marvel

MODOK Assassin - #4 - Marvel
Written By: Christopher Yost
Art By: Pinna, Pallot & Rosenberg

Starting 8 years in the past we see Doom, Valeria, the Thors and Doctor Strange coming to Killville to meet Baron Mordo, Clea and MODOK to discuss the purpose of Killville, kinda. Cut to present, we see the Mindless Ones laying death to everything as they are known to do. MODOK, Lady Thor, Sabertooth, Viper, Doctor Octopus and the Shroud are all trying to escape the brutality of the Mindless Ones. Things don’t always go as planned and MODOK and Lady Thor find themselves back at odds with the assassins and fleeing for their lives. Doctor Strange and Beta Ray Bill are starting to realize that Lady Thor is in Killville but it might be too late as Task Master, Baron Mordo, Clea and the Mindless Ones are on the tails of MODOK and Lady Thor. 

A decent blending of story, character development and action this episode was a fun time. Again, reading all these characters interacting with each other was so entertaining. They try to get along but are such terrible individuals they can’t help themselves and they turn on each other in quick moments making the story escalate further and further into chaos. There’s a linear story developing through the chaos and it’s a treat to read. 

I was so happy to see Baron Mordo releasing the Mindless Ones into Killville. These literal creatures of pure destruction running rampant in a town designed for killing was spectacular. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy seeing these monsters in action. I am enjoying this series so much. 

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