Friday, December 25, 2015

Scarlet Witch - Issue 1 - All New All Different Marvel - Comic Book Review

Scarlet Witch - #1 - Marvel
Written By: James Robinson
Art By: Vanesa Del Rey & Jordie Bellaire

The issue starts off with a bible verse condemning a witches life and then we see Wanda Maximoff in her apartment in New York on the upper east side. She’s just being startled awake by a nightmare and is having a conversation with a familiar ghost. She’s noticed strange, but familiar, events occurring in her city and she has taken to the street to discuss the events with the detective in charge of the case. Startling revelations occur for the detective when the Scarlet Witch saves his life using magic like only she knows how to do. Shortly after it’s decided that she must continue the search for this new evil that is plaguing her neighborhood and potentially, soon, her city. 

This was an impulse buy at the comic shop. I walked in and saw this and thought, why not? I am happy I went with my impulse for this purchase! I had no clue what this would be about, how the story would be crafted or what direction this series might go. This first issue has me instantly hooked. The art work is unique and creates a visual story by itself. It has a spooky and eery feeling that blends beautifully with the world being created. I just enjoyed this issue so much.

The story gives Scarlet Witch a chance to explain her perspective on what her magic is and how it works. She clarifies the difference between what we are familiar with (chaos magic) and what she feels it truly is. It was a fresh perspective on her powers and what she’s capable of and why. Great dialogue for a first issue which are typically heavy on set up and exposition. 

The end of the issue we see her powers in action. The twist in the story was fantastic and what an exciting visual of her abilities and spells. I just can’t express how far my enjoyment for this issue reaches. Great job by all parties involved in creating this first issue. 

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