Monday, December 28, 2015

Sisters - Box Office Review

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are two comedic talents that instantly spark my curiosity when they are working on something. The fact they decided to make a movie together was immediately intriguing to me. I might have been the only guy in the theater not on a date but I still found myself laughing out loud and enjoying some humorous moments on screen. “Sisters” came out to a decent weekend earnings and even better critic and viewer reviews. There wasn’t much of a drop in earnings from week 1 to week 2 either. This suggests that word of mouth helps carry this movie along and for good reason.  

Amy Poehler plays the responsible, career driven, sister who is tasked with informing her sister that their childhood home is being sold. Tina Fey is the free spirited, snarky, party sister who believes that responsibility is just a really long word. The cliche’s don’t end there as we see the basic plot points of stories like these manifest throughout the film. The responsible sister lets loose and learns something about herself and life. The party sister learns how everyone must grow up at some point, no matter how many failures you endure. The basic concept of this film is standard and lacks creativity. There’s nothing memorable with the overall story because we’ve seen it before in countless “coming of age” films.

The characters were entertaining and a familiar few faces appeared throughout the film. If you watched “Parks and Rec” and/or “30 Rock” you might have noticed a certain counsel man and an awkward writer who always picks the worst lunches. Nice little touches here and there helped make this film entertaining. The comedic timing in this film was done well, thankfully. It almost felt like the female version of “Step Brothers” which I was fine with. Watching two grown women try and reclaim the best night of their high school life was definitely entertaining. There were a few moments where the women in the audience were laughing and I wasn’t but only because I wasn’t sure where the joke was. The female audience seemed to understand so that demographic was satisfied, surely. Overall, I laughed many times and walked out of the theater pleased I made the purchase to see this comedy.

“Sisters” is in theaters now! I give this movie all the “dear diary” entries discussed in the film and maybe a few more. I recommend matinee prices but if you are looking to treat your lady to a comedy she’ll enjoy, date night this film. It never hurts to see a film your girl will like, probably more than you, from time to time. It’s funny. It’s entertaining. It’s not gender specific like a Lifetime movie. Overall, this was a good, laugh filled, time in the theater and I enjoyed seeing Tina and Amy on screen together.

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