Friday, December 4, 2015

Telos - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review - DC

Telos - #2 - DC
Written By: Jeff King
Art By: Pagulayan, Vitorino, Paz, Deering, Parsons & Steigerwald

Telos lands on planet Colu and immediately finds his way into the planetary jails where he meets up with his contact and some unlikely characters who aid him in his mission. The group battles their way to the planetary core and along the way Telos provides back story on his character, his family and his heritage until they meet a terrifying monster.

I found the art work most appealing in this issue again. The artists had to create multiple scenes for this story. If they were telling the history of Telos we had a primitive depiction and then flash forward to a futuristic prison filled with robots, monsters and aliens. Job well done. 

The dialogue was entertaining and engaging and we’re starting to get a better idea of who Telos truly is and how/why he operates and dialogues the way he does. The reveal of who his contact is was a fun surprise as well. Second to the artwork I enjoyed learning about the power of Telos before he became a being of immense power and intellect courtesy of Brainiac. He’s developing into a truly fascinating character. 

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