Thursday, December 24, 2015

Telos - Issue 3 - DC - Comic Book Review

Telos - #3 - DC
Written By: Jeff King
Art By: Pagulayan, Vitorino, Paz, Deering, Parsons & Steigerwald

The issue begins with a full page battle image of Telos and gang fighting the monstrous and terrifying Validus. This battle is not easily fought as Telos is forced to use incredible power to remove the threat from his companions. Telos and gang find their way into the “gateway” and learn startling things about Computo’s power in Colu and what he has been up to. Brainiac and Computo also share a brief exchange and we are reminded that each party involved is just a pawn in the game Brainiac is playing. Nothing is ever as it seems and another surprising monster awaits Telos as the issue ends.

I’m really enjoying this series but I’m starting to wonder why Telos isn’t using the power he has to its full capacity. It would end conflicts much quicker. It raises a question because in this issue we see increased use of his power drains his energy levels. My question is, does full use of his power now drain the energy/life from him making him weak? If so, that makes his character more believable since a matter changing, all powerful,  being can’t just go around using full power all the time.

The art work continues to be a treat as we continue to get beautiful and vibrant colors mixed with dark and brooding scenery. It’s visually appealing and the characters continue to balance each other out. We have dedicated and powerful Telos matched with a wide array of characters who are thought provoking, humorous and strategic. I continue to look forward to future issues. 

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