Friday, December 25, 2015

The Binge Watcher Review: Black-ish

Starring Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, Tracee Ellis Ross, Deon Cole,
Jenifer Lewis

A family man struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising 
his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood.

The Good:
By far the star of this show is ever appearance by Laurence Fishburne. He might 
even be funnier than Anthony Anderson. Also Deon Cole’s Charlie Telphy is a must have in each episode 

The Bad:
Tracee Ellis Ross, Dre’s wife in the show. She is more annoying than funny and 
maybe that is the point. I find it hard to watch scenes that require her to be the 
main focal point.

Final Thoughts:
I am not sure what many of you thought when first hearing about this show. 
I know when I did; I wanted nothing to do with it. Thank you Hulu, because 
I would have missed out on one of the funnier shows on Television. Outside 
of Brooklyn 99, this show has to be the funniest on TV. Currently in its second 
season the show seems to be going strong, Anthony Anderson is great and the 
scene stealer of the show is Laurence Fishburne.

I definitely recommend this show to everyone, if you’re behind check out past 
episodes on Hulu. My suggestion, go to the Halloween Episode this season. I 
give this show Two Thumbs Up. Please let us know what you think of the show and leave a comment below.

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