Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Fade Out - Issue 3 - Comic Book Review - Image Comics

The Fade Out - #3 - Image
Written By: Ed Brubaker
Art By: Sean Phillips

The issue starts off with Victor Thursby stripping naked in the forest and walking deep into the forest until he reaches a massive party/orgy. From there we jump forward in time until we meet Maya Silver. She’s the new hot actress the studio is looking to make a star now that Valerie Sommers has died. 

Starting off with some wild party and sex scenes, painting a vivid picture of who Thursby was/is really grabs your attention from page 1. His journey to become head of Victory Street Pictures is pretty clear after this issue and we learn so much more about the roles of certain characters, like Brodsky. There’s little left to the imagination in this issue because we discover that 3 issues in and we’re still in character development. 

The dialogue again is fantastic. We learn that every character is playing a unique role in this story and we know that something is building but we’re still not sure what. I’m all in on this series. It’s slow progress but it’s enjoyable and captivating. The characters continue to shape into 3 dimensional individuals who are much more than they show any single character in the series. This is a truly well written and developing story.  

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