Monday, December 14, 2015

The Fade Out - Issue 4 - Comic Book Review - Image Comics

The Fade Out - #4 - Image
Written By: Ed Brubaker
Art By: Sean Phillips

Charlie and Earl are talking about his “date” that is approaching and the legitimacy or lack there of regarding the circumstances. It’s pointed out that Earl is not much help because he’s a movie star and doesn’t work for women, they work for him. From there we see Charlie and Gil have been working on scripts every night for awhile and how life and heavy alcohol consumption is taking its toll on Gil, physically and mentally. The story continues forward and Charlie discovers a mysterious man is appearing in photos around Hollywood and he can’t remember his name, only his face. finally, we see Charlie on his “date” and how even something as simple as a dance can be entertainment if you pay the right people. Things seem to be going alright by Hollywood standards and Charlie has an opportunity to chat alone with Maya for the first time. Then, a fire breaks out and the mysterious man appears and snaps a few photos of Charlie near the fire. 

There was so much in this issue to digest! The plot moves at an incredibly quick speed this issue and there’s no slowing down the development of characters. This was the best issue so far in this series. There’s action, real life Hollywood references, trippy dream sequences, arson, a mysterious new character and Charlie and Maya officially meet. 

I don’t doubt for one second that Maya and Charlie don’t have a thing based off the discussion they have in this issue. There’s immediate chemistry there and it’s curious considering the different personalities present with these two. There also seems to be something comfortable and familiar for them both which leads me to believe this won’t be the last time we see them together, alone. 

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