Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Uncanny Inhumans - Issue 1 - Marvel - Comic Book Review

The Uncanny Inhumans - #1 - Marvel
Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: McNiven, Leisten & Gho

Black Bolt, Triton and Reader have travelled back in time 13,000 years to the city of Attilan. While preparing to enter the city they are teleported away by Kang the Conquerer into the year 1961. Kang explains the reason for this capture and explains the consequences of Black Bolts recent actions. A struggle ensues and the Reader teleports them away from the fight and into the present day where they realize a grand plan will be needed to defeat Kang. Meanwhile, Medusa has taken a small group of Inhumans to fight the invading Chitauri warriors in Central Park, New York City. We learn that the Inhumans are on a quest for peace with humanity as more and more NuHumans are being discovered all over earth. The Terrigen cloud is transforming humans into NuHumans and Medusa, as queen of the Inhumans, realizes they can hide no longer. 

This issue starts off with some impressive art work showing the city of Attilan and how large in scale it was. I enjoyed the characters introduced in this series  and the introduction of Kang the Conqueror as the main antagonist to Black Bolt was fantastic. The time travel aspect of this series we are introduced to feels like a complex but entertaining means to tell the story. I’m looking forward to reading how crazy things might get with time travel. It’s possible the writers won’t consider the ramifications of messing with a time line as well. All in all, I’m on board for another issue. 

The characters are well spoken for in their own voice which is a positive for this story. With as many characters as are introduced in this series it’s imperative that the characters stand out as unique individuals. Dialogue can help create that distinction while reading so the text doesn’t jumble together as a mess of single character thought. Overall it feels like the writers will continue to build on the personalities and goals of each character which will serve the overall story well, I think. 

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